Our mission,your future.

Our mission,
your future.

"Custom made software is the defining factor of success in almost every sector. We are the crucial link to realising this."

Arne Schoenmakers
Founder and Managing Director at Spartner.

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Mission, vision, and core values
Mission statement
Our mission


We develop custom software based on open source code. This saves time and money while allowing us to leverage the latest innovations. Our clients are guaranteed unique software that they own the intellectual property of.


We form long-term partnerships with our clients using top-notch development teams. We set clear expectations, maintain control over the timeline, and keep costs under control. With this foundation, we deliver high-quality digital solutions, allowing our clients to fully focus on their core business. We create the digital infrastructure that enables our clients to maximise their competitive advantage.


We are convinced that custom-made software is the determining factor for success in almost every sector. From experience, we know that open-source code is particularly suitable for developing unique software for each client. This approach aligns with our deepest motivation: to encourage customers to embrace digital transformation, maximize their capabilities, and unlock their true potential.

Core values

  • Honesty
    From the naked truth to the heart of the matter: we are always open and honest, both internally and towards our customers. In every uncomfortable truth lies a learning opportunity.

  • Resourceful
    For us, software development is more than just "coding". We are driven by the desire to get the most out of every project. We do this as a team, because together you know more and can achieve more. That's how we make every code work.

  • Personal
    We build bots, but we are not robots. Connect directly with our professionals via phone or chat. Together you can go further.

4-step approach

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We are happy to assist with our extensive knowledge and experience, whether it's giving a second opinion or conducting a quality check on your existing project.

Jurjen Terpstra

“Pragmatic and flexible collaboration”

Spartner has created a customized portal for us for the accountability of large-scale collaborative projects. This enables us and our partners to execute and account for their plans in a shared environment that is secure, transparent, and manageable. The pragmatic and flexible collaboration with Spartner has ensured that we have quickly achieved a functional and user-friendly environment.

Jurjen Terpstra Managing Partner at Wecreate Consulting

Bjorn Gubbels

“As a business you must dare to move forward”

Innovation and change are not always welcomed with equal enthusiasm by our employees, man is a creature of habit but as a company you have to dare to move forward and the need for a contemporary drawing program for the realization of various constructions with our Masterbloc bricks was high. For us but also for Spartner, this challenge was a bit of pioneering and together we had to overcome some hurdles to arrive at a beautiful and efficient business tool. A development and learning process for both parties, in which the feedback of questions and desired adjustments by our employees to Spartner was always in good consultation and we could count on quick feedback and targeted solutions. We continue to exchange experiences with Spartner and look back and forward to a successful collaboration.

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Bjorn Gubbels Owner of Masterbloc

Hans Lugtenberg

“A deal is a deal”

Yield.inc is a new asset manager in the Netherlands that focuses on excellent customer experience, sustainability and technology. When faced with the question of whether to develop our platform in-house or with a partner, we got in touch with Spartner. We are still 100% behind the choice for Spartner because we own the source code and with Spartner, a deal really is a deal, whether it concerns the delivery date or the agreed budget!

Hans Lugtenberg Partner at Yield Inc.

Maurice Evers

“Higher occupancy rate thanks to our user-friendly platform”

Throughout the great years that we cooperate with Spartner (previously Maatwebsite, Ed.), our software has been developed continuously. Students and landlords actively work with features like allocation, payments, chat, contract generation and more.

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Maurice Evers Head of Student Housing Department

Maarten Bremer

“Innovating in the digital identification network of The Netherlands and Europe”

The pro-active approach of Spartner was crucial in understanding the complexity of the eHerkenning network.

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Maarten Bremer CTO / Founder Ensured

Niels Winters

“Innovation in legal technology”

As jurists with knowledge of IT, we highly value quality; within code, but also in process. The high work-level and trustworthiness of Spartner gives us the capacity to continuously create innovative features.

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Niels Winters Managing Director JuriBlox

Dr. Freek Daams

“International collaboration in randomized trial”

Our national workgroup of surgeons actively collaborates with international workgroups thanks to the innovative online research platform.

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Dr. Freek Daams Upper GI en HPB Surgery, VUmc

Marco Caspers

“AI and machine learning as legal tools”

In 2020, we transferred the development of Lynn to Spartner. As a result of their fast development process, the Lynn platform achieves an increasingly central role in the legal world.

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Marco Caspers Software Development Manager at Lynn Legal

Josh Mountain

“Have been using Laravel Excel for years”

We requested custom help to a performance challenge we had in our implementation of Laravel Excel. I was amazed how quickly these Laravel artisans achieved significant performance gains, which saved us a lot of development time.

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Josh Mountain Co-Founder at IncentivePilot.com

André Basten

“My Life Slim Venray”

Easy online collaboration with our clients ensures a better grip on the results.

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André Basten Weight Consultant

Patrick Ryan

“Professional fintech software development”

Maatwebsite (now: Spartner, Ed.) has delivered the world's most advanced KYC services management system.

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Patrick Ryan Founder KYCnet

Marco Leenders

“Spartner extends our capabilities and development capacity”

With weekly calls, using our Azure DevOps sprint system, Spartner actively works together with our innovation, communication and software development departments.

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Marco Leenders Head of Automation

Gemeente Groningen

“Flexible collaboration with yearly updates”

The projectteam of the city of Groningen is very enthusiastic about the "Roomfinder" platform.

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Gemeente Groningen Projectteam

Norbert Wegter

“A professional software partner since 2010”

Spartner is involved and contributes in our search for innovations and always delivers top-notch work. After the first Huurda.nl version got out-dated, we collaboratively launched a completely new version in 2020.

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Norbert Wegter Owner of 123wonen and Expat Homes Holland

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