Our developers do not stagnate.

Our developers do not stagnate.

Spartner is innovating. Not just in the nature of our projects, but also in the use of new technology and coaching you as a colleague.

Your personal development is my passion.” 
- Frank Peters, Technical Director

Our developers do not stagnate

Achieve the highest level

We have reached high standards in writing software because of our years long experience in Laravel and our enthusiastic, eager to learn, developers. Our software upholds SOLID patterns, OWASP standards and we are monitoring our code style meticulously with linters to make sure our code is not only good, but also easy to read (and yes, also very beautiful to see).

Don't let this frighten you, on the contrary. We would like to help you achieve this level. We will work together and will improve along the way with the use of code reviews and coaching sessions.

Stronger together

We have a versatile team in which we work together tightly. As a Technical Director I am involved with a new project from the beginning, but I will involve you as a developer very early in that process so that we can design the best solution together for our client. This way you will acquire a lof of project knowledge and have a good understanding of the goals of our client.

Twice a day we will meet with the whole team in a short standup to discuss everyone's tasks, if everything is going well and if someone needs any help. There is always someone available for help, and we encourage you to asks questions so that you are not only helped quickly, but also can learn from our experience. Obviously we do try to stimulate you to found the solution yourself, making it even more of an achievement for yourself.

When you're work is finished a colleague will check your work in a code review. This way we will make sure that code is always seen by to pairs of eyes. This guarantees our high standards. We do use automatic tools like PHP CS Fixer, PhpStan and ESLint to give you early insights even before you commit your code. To guard our code against bugs we write unit, feature and browser tests.

Our developers do not stagnate

Self development

It's important to me that you can keep on growing as a developer at Spartner. The PHP community is constantly moving and improving. In order to optimally support our clients and help them with strategic solutions, it's imperative and fun to keep expanding your knowledge.

You will work at Spartner according to your Personal Development Plan. Regardless of your level, there will always be topics you want to learn or are required for certain projects. Topics like Nuxt, Vue.js, Inertia, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, ES6 and of course Laravel. You will also be working with Blockchain and other cutting edge technologies. These developments also do not stagnate, so we give you the ability to expand your knowledge by (online) courses, books, coaching sessions by colleagues and an setting in which we encourage asking questions.


It's important to have fun at work. That's why we are proud of our informal office environment where you'll find colleagues with a variety of interests (cars, games, science-fiction, sports, etc.) which will make you feel at home quite quickly.

A ping pong table and a willing colleague are at your disposal if you need to blow of some steam. If you need to blow of steam in another way, the office is located on the cosy Market square in the town of Meerssen with many pubs and restaurants.

We also organize fun outings with the whole team on a regular basis. For instance to PHP conferences like Laracon or Dutch PHP Conference. We also like to have dinner, go karting or playing VR games with the entire team.

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