Superior & safewithin budget.

Superior & safe
within budget.

Software development is much more complex than hiring a good developer. Your project will succeed by asking the right questions, a strong technical design and use of solid procedures.

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Software development within budget
Software development within budget

Approach creates control & security.

Our team is highly productive and will do everything in their power to make your project a success. Since our start in 2004, we have grown strongly with the developments in custom-built software and we have developed software in teams ranging from 1 to 18 developers.

More than just technology

We call ourselves specialists in the development of "enterprise level" software. The process and the substantial sparring sessions are decisive. Technology is often a necessary point of attention, but a good structure provides the certainty that we are also working towards the right result.

By means of well-oiled "working agreements" we keep a grip on the progress and we continuously guarantee that the end result will look perfect. Our project manager ensures a tight project planning and clear reporting.

Enterprise quality

We use Coding Standards that are aimed at developing “enterprise level” applications. These guidelines ensure strong and stable code, higher security and a reduced "Cost of Change".

  • Safety according to international OWASP guidelines.

  • Design, Planning, (Code) Review and Testing.

  • Transparency in process, planning and documentation.

  • Scalable through asynchronous (microservice) architecture.

  • Monitoring, to stay ahead of issues.

In this way we ensure that the code, functionality, security and user experience are of the highest level. The result is that the project will comply with AVG requirements, NEN and ISO standards that apply.

Every developer his role

Our development team consists of developers on medior, senior and architect level. To work effectively, all these levels are of great importance.

The architect is your sparring partner to identify the desired functionalities. He also monitors the quality of the technical architecture.

The senior developer provides a deeper breakdown of the components to Low Level Designs (LLD). The LLD will then be developed in active collaboration between senior and medior.

A new idea or project?

We are happy to help. Send us a message or give us a call.

An existing code that needs attention?

We will gladly jump in with much experience and high expertise. We can also help with a second opinion or quality control of a Laravel PHP codebase.

Marco Caspers

“AI and machine learning as legal tools”

In 2020, we transferred the development of Lynn to Spartner. As a result of their fast development process, the Lynn platform achieves an increasingly central role in the legal world.

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Marco Caspers Software Development Manager at Lynn Legal

Gemeente Groningen

“Flexible collaboration with yearly updates”

The projectteam of the city of Groningen is very enthusiastic about the "Roomfinder" platform.

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Gemeente Groningen Projectteam

Josh Mountain

“Have been using Laravel Excel for years”

We requested custom help to a performance challenge we had in our implementation of Laravel Excel. I was amazed how quickly these Laravel artisans achieved significant performance gains, which saved us a lot of development time.

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Josh Mountain Co-Founder at

Maurice Evers

“Higher occupancy rate thanks to our user-friendly platform”

Throughout the great years that we cooperate with Spartner (previously Maatwebsite, Ed.), our software has been developed continuously. Students and landlords actively work with features like allocation, payments, chat, contract generation and more.

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Maurice Evers Head of Student Housing Department

Maarten Bremer

“Innovating in the digital identification network of The Netherlands and Europe”

The pro-active approach of Spartner was crucial in understanding the complexity of the eHerkenning network.

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Maarten Bremer CTO / Founder Ensured

Niels Winters

“Innovation in legal technology”

As jurists with knowledge of IT, we highly value quality; within code, but also in process. The high work-level and trustworthiness of Spartner gives us the capacity to continuously create innovative features.

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Niels Winters Managing Director JuriBlox

Dr. Freek Daams

“International collaboration in randomized trial”

Our national workgroup of surgeons actively collaborates with international workgroups thanks to the innovative online research platform.

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Dr. Freek Daams Upper GI en HPB Surgery, VUmc

André Basten

“My Life Slim Venray”

Easy online collaboration with our clients ensures a better grip on the results.

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André Basten Weight Consultant

Patrick Ryan

“Professional fintech software development”

Maatwebsite (now: Spartner, Ed.) has delivered the world's most advanced KYC services management system.

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Patrick Ryan Founder KYCnet

Marco Leenders

“Spartner extends our capabilities and development capacity”

With weekly calls, using our Azure DevOps sprint system, Spartner actively works together with our innovation, communication and software development departments.

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Marco Leenders Head of Automation

Norbert Wegter

“A professional software partner since 2010”

Spartner is involved and contributes in our search for innovations and always delivers top-notch work. After the first version got out-dated, we collaboratively launched a completely new version in 2020.

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Norbert Wegter Owner of 123wonen and Expat Homes Holland

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