The lawyer bot that saves you time.

Thé legal AI robot for non-disclosure (NDA) and data processing agreements (DPA). Simply upload your Word document or PDF and receive an extensive legal rapport about and suggest for your document within one minute.
Should you sign that document?

Lynn Legal immediately answers the question whether it is wise to sign an agreement. The platform analyses every document based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) and learns every day based on ten-thousands of documents.

Let Lynn do the standard work, so you can move on to the real legal challenges. Lynn is your own "lawyer bot", who saves time and increases quality.

Lynn Legal - NDA & DPA
From 2020 up until today

Custom-build Laravel development by means of AI, document generation (Word, PDF), Python, Vue.js, Docker andGithub

Marco Caspers

“AI and machine learning as legal tools”

In 2020, we carried over the development of Lynn to Spartner. As a result of their fast development process, the Lynn platform achieves an increasingly central role in the juridical world.

Marco Caspers Software Development Manager at Lynn Legal

Day in, day out.

Lynn Legal uses Github as projectmanagement platform and Slack for communicating between the Lynn project owner and Spartner developers. Together. they work on six new releases every single year, which are shaped in agile form by using the innovation roadmap.

  • Work structure thanks to Github

  • Communicate and discuss daily via Slack

Project result.

That which we can achieve through AI and Machine Learning technologies grows by the minute. The more data, the better the quality of the advice Lynn can product. This technologie has hold of the future.

What would you like us to develop?

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