Custom-build Laravel Statamic 3 .

Smart digital management of all content for a big organization in healthcare
Statamic CMS and Laravel

Mosadex Groep is the complete supplier in the Dutch pharmaceutical healthcare market with twelve enterprises and over 2.000 employees. Together, Mosadex makes pharmacutical health care accessible, affordable and patient-friendly.

We develop a multi-website platform based on Laravel and the modern CMS system "Statamic 3", within which all content can be managed from one digital environment.

Mosadex Groep
From 2020 up until today

Laravel Statamic CMS in DevOps and hosting through a Microsoft Azure environment with Daywize API linkage.

Marco Leenders

“Extention of marketing and development”

Through weekly calls and the Azure DevOps sprint, Spartner actively works together with our marketing- and development departments.

Marco Leenders Head of Automation

Collaboration in Azure DevOps.

The Laravel application is being run in the Microsoft Azure platform. We operate based on a roadmap which enables us to prepare a new release every quarter.

Azure DevOps and Teams provide simple yet effective communication regarding sprints, deployments, feature progression and issues during all operations.

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