Student room rental software.

Custom-build real estate software with which mediation of supply and demand of student rooms in Groningen is realized.
Good for students ánd landlords

With, The municipality of Groningen offers a unique search platform. The custom built software provides a user-friendly search process and offers secured and safe mediation between student and rental provider. Since the launch, the platform has proven to increase the chance of students finding the right student room and the user base is still growing substantially.

Gemeente Gronigen
From 2017 up until today

Custom-build Laravel PHP software with XLS and PDF creation and Google Maps API features.

Gemeente Groningen

“Flexible collaboration with yearly updates”

The projectteam of the municipality of Groningen is very enthusiastic about the "Roomfinder" platform.

Gemeente Groningen Projectteam

Project driven roadmapping.

The yearly new releases ensure that the platform maintains it's high user-friendliness and an ever increasing amount of features. Spartner ensures a solid project plan and provides control on budgetary values through Project driven roadmapping.

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