Fintech KYC software.

Our team worked for years on a comprehensive "Know Your Customer" (KYC) software platform. The software was used by major banks among others and expanded with an ISO 20022 (financial standard) compliant XML API.
Custom-built Fintech software development

KYCnet Passport is a back office management system in which "Know Your Customer" analysis are performed. These analysss ensure that banks and financial parties collect critical information from their clients. This ensures compliance with European and International legislation.

Spartner (formerly Maatwebsite) was the exclusive software partner of KYCnet from 2013 to 2019. For this project, our team grew to 16 developers in a few years, so that we could take care of the complete technical roadmap of the "Passport" software. Together with international consultants (from Deloitte among others), this custom-built fintech software was implemented dedicated for a large international bank and also used multi-tenant for KYC screening work for several large Dutch banks.

After the acquisition by Equiniti Group PLC in 2016, our development team continued to actively work with Equiniti KYC to grow the software.

KYCnet (acquisition 2016 | Equiniti Group PLC)
From 2013 until december 2018

Laravel application with high throughput API (ISO 22002 compliant) and high performance infrastructure (ISO 27001 compliant).

Patrick Ryan

“Professional fintech software development”

Maatwebsite (now: Spartner, Ed.) has delivered the world's most advanced KYC services management system.

Patrick Ryan Founder KYCnet

Used for provision of service to multiple world banks.

KYCnet performs KYC analysis for various large international parties. KYCnet Passport was used for, among others, to serve Rabobank, Danske Bank and other large parties of KYC information.

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