Digital identification.

As a serviceprovider of digital identification through the eHerkenning network, we are developing solutions like: Herkenningsmakelaar, Authenticatiedienst, Middelenuitgever, Machtingenregister and eIDAS.
Digital ID for Entrepreneur and Government

Ensured is an initiative by Xolphin. Since 2002 Xolphin delivers SSL certification and digitale signatures, within which speed, service and ease are guaranteed. Nowadays, over 1.000.000 certificates have ben delivered to about 45.000 customers.

eHerkenning is thé authentication tool used by entrepreneurs, intermediaries, and employees to safely log into their connected (government)organizations. With use of eHerkenning the online service providing between governments and corporations is safe, reliable and easy.

From 2020 until today

eHerkenning connection, developed with the powerful Laravel, eHerkenning specific SAML standards to safely communicate through Artifact Binding, SOAP connections and XML & XSD validation

Aansluiten conform standaarden in samenspraak met overheid.

The requirements of connections like Herkenningsmakelaar, Authenticatiedienst, Middelenuitgever, Machtingenregister and eIDAS messaging service are described on Alongside this extensive documentation, there are diverse exceptions that require an active approach. We actively engage with Logius to deliver the needed the connection.

Maarten Bremer

“Innovating in the digital identification network of The Netherlands and Europe”

The pro-active approach of Spartner was crucial in understanding the complexity of the eHerkenning network.

Maarten Bremer CTO / Founder Ensured

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