Custom-build real estate search engine.

Search in the supply of hundreds of landlords through fast XML parser and payment functionality (iDEAL).
A modern (PWA) search engine with quick data synchronization is a modern search engine that is used to easily search in the biggest rental supply of the Netherlands. The website is developed as Progressive Web App (PWA), to make sure that it was ready quickly and has a scalable function on both a desktop or app.

The back-end and data feed robot of the search engine is developed with the Laravel framework and Laravel Nova. The Front-end of the app is developed with a.o. Tailwind and NuxtJS.

From 2010 up until today

Laravel PWA app using Nova, VueJS en NuxtJS.

Continuing partnership since 2010 .

The first iteration of the Huurda search engine was developed. by Spartner in 2010. After years of collaboration and partnership in which the first version was further developed, the second version of Huurda was launched in 2020.

Norbert Wegter

“A professional software partner since 2010”

Spartner is involved and contributes in our search for innovations and always delivers top-notch work. After the first version got out-dated, we collaboratively launched a completely new version in 2020.

Norbert Wegter Owner of 123wonen and Expat Homes Holland

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