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JuriBlox is a complete contract lifecycle management platform, automates legal processes and automatically generates high quality legal documents.
The future of legal work

JuriBlox makes legal issues more efficient, trustworthy and more clearly organized. The functionality is composed, among others, from no code automation, contract lifecycle management, AI document reviews, document assembly, process optimisation, document webshops and white label portals. Additionally, the platform extracts metadata from legal documents and integrations have been developed with various partners, among others e-signing and single sign-on providers.

An exeptional feature of the platform is that JuriBlox enables every user to create their own legal models based on the visual mode for template building. Without any pre-existing programming knowledge.

A great and innovative partner to work with.

From 2015 to date

Custom-built Laravel application with API, document generation (Word, PDF), Laravel Livewire, AlpineJS and digital signing.

Niels Winters

“Innovation in legal technology”

As jurists with knowledge of IT, we highly value quality; within code, but also in process. The high work-level and trustworthiness of Spartner gives us the capacity to continuously create innovative features.

Niels Winters Managing Director JuriBlox

day after day.

In collaboration with JuriBlox, we use Github as projectmanagement platform (for Scrum/Agile and Kanban methods). There is daily collaboration on tickets and active consultation through Slack. This way, we achieve the deadlines we have set of six new releases per year, which are shaped through our common Roadmap-sessions.

  • Structured operations, thanks to Github

  • Daily consultation through Slack

Project result.

A long-term collaboration full of innovation. Juriblox became our first partner to use AI and Machine Learning technologies in their applications. We continue to push boundaries with great exitement!

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