Powerful 3D architectural drawing software.

With the 3D builder, Masterbloc creates construction drawings super quickly, including the underlying calculations and building instructions. Masterbloc stacking blocks are easily movable and endlessly combinable.
Optimal drawing process with a fast 3D tool

Masterbloc needed a more effective solution than what an outdated custom tool or standard CAD software could offer. In response to this, Spartner developed a 3D design application that is not only less complex but also provides additional features. The application is designed to not only create 3D models but also generate building instructions and provide cost estimates.

An essential aspect of our tool is offline functionality, which means that users on the construction site can access all necessary data even without internet access. Furthermore, the application is optimized for direct use on Windows, ensuring further flexibility in the workplace. By combining all these functionalities, we offer Masterbloc a solution that is not only time-efficient but also versatile for its various tasks.

Masterbloc - 3D tool for Windows
from 2023

.Net, Maui, C#, Native (offline) Windows 11, Three.js.

Bjorn Gubbels

“As a business you must dare to move forward”

Innovation and change are not always welcomed with equal enthusiasm by our employees, man is a creature of habit but as a company you have to dare to move forward and the need for a contemporary drawing program for the realization of various constructions with our Masterbloc bricks was high. For us but also for Spartner, this challenge was a bit of pioneering and together we had to overcome some hurdles to arrive at a beautiful and efficient business tool. A development and learning process for both parties, in which the feedback of questions and desired adjustments by our employees to Spartner was always in good consultation and we could count on quick feedback and targeted solutions. We continue to exchange experiences with Spartner and look back and forward to a successful collaboration.

Bjorn Gubbels Owner of Masterbloc

About our customer:

Betonagglomeraten Gubbels, with its roots in Maasmechelen, started 75 years ago as a producer and supplier of building materials. Over the years and across three generations, this family-owned business has refined its expertise in the concrete sector. They have grown from a local name to a leading supplier in Europe, with a focus on the Masterbloc stacking block in the last two decades.

Innovation is central at Gubbels; they regularly launch advanced and more sustainable concrete block variants that form the basis for various construction projects. This quality is underscored by various recognized certificates. We are proud to collaborate with such a dedicated and renowned company.

Versatility with .Net 3D Applications for Windows.

The Masterbloc application was created by us using DotNet MAUI in C#. This technology highlights the power and versatility of modern application development. .Net applications, specifically designed for the Windows environment, offer numerous advantages. Firstly, they benefit from strong integration with Windows, resulting in better performance and seamless compatibility. Additionally, developers can leverage the .Net framework's numerous libraries and tools, which can shorten development time and simplify maintenance. MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), an evolution of Xamarin.Forms, extends these advantages by providing a single codebase that can run on multiple platforms. This means that the application, while developed with Windows in mind, can also be adapted for iOS, Android, or macOS without significant redevelopment. In summary, the use of .Net and MAUI in C# enables efficient, scalable, and cross-platform solutions.

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