Medical researches.

The Amsterdam UMC works together online on research, through a anonymized patient record system. Highly useful functions such as video input and Excel export are included in the software.
Platform for medical university research

Taskforce Naadlekkage has grown to a national network of surgeons and anesthesiologists that are research the treatment of colorectal seamleakage. Through an anonymized patient filing system, the researcher were able to safeguard the privacy of the patients involved in the research.

The platform can be used during surgery for data collection and supports input from both data and digital media, like photo and video. User roles package maintains a solid security for the export of data to Microsoft Excel files (XLSX).

Amsterdam UMC
From 2016 up until today

Custom-build Laravel application with use of Laravel-Excel, multimedia uploads, AdminLTE, BitBucket.

Dr. Freek Daams

“International collaboration in randomized trial”

Our national workgroup of surgeons gets to collaborate actively with international workforces thanks to the innovative online research platform.

Dr. Freek Daams Upper GI en HPB Surgery, VUmc

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