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Dutch engineers who understand your vision. Technology is the starting point, but our true strength lies in perfect communication, UX/UI design, and "out of the box" thinking.


As a proactive partner, we strive for close collaboration and engagement. Direct and personal contact with your application team.

AI driven.

AI tools supercharge our productivity. Experience the AI revolution and empower your business with groundbreaking, personalised solutions.

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With four eyes on each code review, we ensure optimal quality and prevent bugs and unnecessary frustrations.

We love our clients.

At Spartner, we are constantly developing innovative, custom software solutions. With a combination of technical expertise and creativity, we create high-quality bespoke platforms and apps.

Hence, we are very proud of our wonderful clients.

Our skills, your success

Our skills,

your success

Do you need software to conquer the market? Or is your current software not meeting expectations? Whatever your question may be, Spartner is here to assist you with advice and digital action.

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Clear the way for digital innovation.

Clear the way for digital innovation..

For every organization, it is essential to embrace digital innovation to ensure a successful future. That's why market leaders choose custom software solutions. Make a difference with Spartner's digital solutions. We make an impact from ideation to implementation.

Realise the full potential of your project.

Software development is not a quick fix, so forget the promises of code-cowboys who claim to know better and look beyond the cheapest price. Instead, choose a Dutch developer who understands your strategy and goals, asks the right questions, and drives innovation. With Spartner, you are guaranteed long-term commitment. This increases the quality and reduces the total costs of development and maintenance. Collaborating with Spartner is an investment, not an expense. Together, we can increase your revenue!

Realise the full potential of your project
Meeting expectations

Meeting expectations.

Missed deadlines, exceeding budgets, and unfulfilled promises: building software often leads to disappointment. Spartner shows how it can be done differently. We have control over the process, the content, and the results.

Jurjen Terpstra

“Pragmatic and flexible collaboration”

Spartner has created a customized portal for us for the accountability of large-scale collaborative projects. This enables us and our partners to execute and account for their plans in a shared environment that is secure, transparent, and manageable. The pragmatic and flexible collaboration with Spartner has ensured that we have quickly achieved a functional and user-friendly environment.

Jurjen Terpstra Managing Partner at Wecreate Consulting

Bjorn Gubbels

“As a business you must dare to move forward”

Innovation and change are not always welcomed with equal enthusiasm by our employees, man is a creature of habit but as a company you have to dare to move forward and the need for a contemporary drawing program for the realization of various constructions with our Masterbloc bricks was high. For us but also for Spartner, this challenge was a bit of pioneering and together we had to overcome some hurdles to arrive at a beautiful and efficient business tool. A development and learning process for both parties, in which the feedback of questions and desired adjustments by our employees to Spartner was always in good consultation and we could count on quick feedback and targeted solutions. We continue to exchange experiences with Spartner and look back and forward to a successful collaboration.

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Bjorn Gubbels Owner of Masterbloc

Hans Lugtenberg

“A deal is a deal”

Yield.inc is a new asset manager in the Netherlands that focuses on excellent customer experience, sustainability and technology. When faced with the question of whether to develop our platform in-house or with a partner, we got in touch with Spartner. We are still 100% behind the choice for Spartner because we own the source code and with Spartner, a deal really is a deal, whether it concerns the delivery date or the agreed budget!

Hans Lugtenberg Partner at Yield Inc.

Marco Caspers

“AI and machine learning as legal tools”

In 2020, we transferred the development of Lynn to Spartner. As a result of their fast development process, the Lynn platform achieves an increasingly central role in the legal world.

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Marco Caspers Software Development Manager at Lynn Legal

Gemeente Groningen

“Flexible collaboration with yearly updates”

The projectteam of the city of Groningen is very enthusiastic about the "Roomfinder" platform.

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Gemeente Groningen Projectteam

Josh Mountain

“Have been using Laravel Excel for years”

We requested custom help to a performance challenge we had in our implementation of Laravel Excel. I was amazed how quickly these Laravel artisans achieved significant performance gains, which saved us a lot of development time.

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Josh Mountain Co-Founder at IncentivePilot.com

Maurice Evers

“Higher occupancy rate thanks to our user-friendly platform”

Throughout the great years that we cooperate with Spartner (previously Maatwebsite, Ed.), our software has been developed continuously. Students and landlords actively work with features like allocation, payments, chat, contract generation and more.

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Maurice Evers Head of Student Housing Department

Niels Winters

“Innovation in legal technology”

As jurists with knowledge of IT, we highly value quality; within code, but also in process. The high work-level and trustworthiness of Spartner gives us the capacity to continuously create innovative features.

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Niels Winters Managing Director JuriBlox

Maarten Bremer

“Innovating in the digital identification network of The Netherlands and Europe”

The pro-active approach of Spartner was crucial in understanding the complexity of the eHerkenning network.

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Maarten Bremer CTO / Founder Ensured

Dr. Freek Daams

“International collaboration in randomized trial”

Our national workgroup of surgeons actively collaborates with international workgroups thanks to the innovative online research platform.

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Dr. Freek Daams Upper GI en HPB Surgery, VUmc

Patrick Ryan

“Professional fintech software development”

Maatwebsite (now: Spartner, Ed.) has delivered the world's most advanced KYC services management system.

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Patrick Ryan Founder KYCnet

Norbert Wegter

“A professional software partner since 2010”

Spartner is involved and contributes in our search for innovations and always delivers top-notch work. After the first Huurda.nl version got out-dated, we collaboratively launched a completely new version in 2020.

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Norbert Wegter Owner of 123wonen and Expat Homes Holland

Marco Leenders

“Spartner extends our capabilities and development capacity”

With weekly calls, using our Azure DevOps sprint system, Spartner actively works together with our innovation, communication and software development departments.

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Marco Leenders Head of Automation

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in collaboration, but still have some pressing questions? This quick Q&A might offer a solution.

What types of platforms and apps do you actually develop?

In summary, we are able to realize almost any online project. Some examples include:

Web applications, Project management platforms, 3D builders, AI tools, Booking systems, ERPs, Customer and partner portals, Neobank & fintech apps, Online patient records, Legal tech suites, E-learning platforms, Survey and feedback systems, API integrations and development, E-commerce web applications, CRMs, Portfolio management platforms, Chatbots and service tools, Social network platforms, and more.

Is it necessary to always take a complete sprint?

No, that does not align with our vision of partnership. We work with flexible project or feature roadmaps. As a first step, we conduct a deep-dive session. During this meeting, our architect can brainstorm with you and define the project scope clearly. Once all information is gathered, we can adequately estimate the necessary time and costs.

In which programming languages and technologies are you specialised?

Our team is full-stack, proficient in both backend and frontend development. For backend, we often use PHP/Laravel, .NET, C#, or Python. The application data is stored in SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) or NoSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis) databases.

On the frontend side, we work with powerful technologies such as JavaScript, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Vue.js, ThreeJS, TypeScript, Nuxt.js, Flutter, React (Native), and Angular. We create UX/UI designs using Adobe XD, Figma, UXPin, or Photoshop.

This is just a small selection of our expertise. From DevOps to AMQP, we are happy to delve deeper into the technologies that best fit your needs.

I am not satisfied with my current developer(s). What now?

We would be happy to assist you in this unpleasant situation. Often, we can take over the SLA (service level agreement) and further development of your project. Critical issues will be addressed promptly. Afterwards, we ensure a smooth collaboration with a professional roadmap and a reliable SLA.

In addition, we regularly offer second opinions and code audits. This will give you a clear picture of the quality of your application.

Our skills, your success

Do you need software to conquer the market? Or does your current software not meet expectations? Whatever your question may be, Spartner is here to assist you with advice and digital solutions. Call, email or message us for a quick appointment.

Bart Schreurs
Business Development Manager

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